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Something about this outfit just says Southern California to me. Maybe it’s the hat, maybe it’s the colors, either way, it’s a super comfy way to wear this skirt. I’m not one to always wear tight clothes BUT paired with this light, simple top the outfit becomes much more about casual than sexy.

I was wearing this same sweater in Friday’s post but I layered it over a collared shirt. I love how versatile it is! Both looks are pretty casual, but in very different ways. Try mixing and matching items in your own closet. Sometimes the most unexpected items create the looks you would have never thought of!

Casual top and skirt

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You Style The Day-Trish’s Garden Style

Typically I don’t post on Sundays but I couldn’t resist! My mom sent me this photo of her extremely cute rubber gardening boots. Cute and stylish in the garden, I had to share!

Animal print rubber boots

How cute are these animal print rubber boots!? Makes me want to plant a garden!

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Boyfriend jeans, collared shirt and sweater

Believe it or not, it does get chilly in Los Angeles …
Try layering a light sweater over a collared shirt for those crisp nights.

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You Style The Day – Nicole’s Casual Cool

What’s better than being comfortable in what you’re wearing? How about comfortable and stylish! Our next “Inspire Me” photo comes from Nicole in Minnesota. I love the combination of her necklace with the simple black tank. Casual and comfortable meets modern and fun! Thanks for sharing Nicole!

Nicole's hat by Lillie and Cohoe

Black tank, sparkling necklace, grey pants and black DVF sandals

Nicole's Necklace by Cayetano

Nicole Says: “Nothing is better on a beautiful day than wearing a fabric that seems to brush up against your skin like the wind. Lisa Todd (based out of Miami) is the designer of these fun flowing pants. How can you resist a sexy slit up the front!? Her most current line focuses on the average American Women looking at sizes 10-12. Pair these fun pants with a pair of DVF wedge sandals, a basic tank, fun necklace by Cayetano and hat by Lillie and Cohoe. Based out of Canada, Lillie and Cohoe’s line is irresistible and brings back a classic must have piece for every woman! If you love Coco Chanel, then you better love this designer.

My style??? Ever changing and evolving! Never wear the same thing twice! A punk girl with sophistication!”

Remember, anyone can participate in “You Style The Day” so email a photo, brief description and tell me which look from my blog you were inspired by. I’ll post your photo so others, along with myself, can be inspired by you!

Email photos* to:

*Be sure to take your photos in a well-lit room against a clean background!

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Nudes, Blues & Browns

Try mixing slouchy with sexy. I was just about to toss these cargo pants before I figured out they look great with some heels!

Stripe skirt & lace top

Mixing patterns. Lace and stripes.

Blue shoes & stripe skirt

Brown & blue. Always a beautiful color combination.

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You Style The Day – Trish: mixin’ it up

The  Third “Inspire Me” photo is from my mom, who is always rocking some serious style. Trish is showing off her Canadian cool by mixing it up with bold patterns along with a few of her own finishing touches. Funny, she literally use to have to drag me out of the house to go shopping! Now we shop together, and pretty much own the same wardrobe. Love you mom, lookin’ good as always.

Printed sweater and dress

Brooch added to the neckline of a dress

A brooch at the neckline creates the perfect finishing touch for this outfit!

Trish Says: “You inspired me to mix prints. I love this dress with this sweater. And the bling brooch at the neckline is my touch.”

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Style The Day On Location

This past weekend my husband and I took a much-needed vacation away from the glare of our computer screens. We visited Casa Laguna on the California coast and let me tell you, this place has style. Highly recommended if you live in the area (or not) and need a quick but amazing getaway. Here are a few photos of our trip along with some beachy fashion ideas:

Welcome to Casa Laguna

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You Style The Day – Lisa’s Texas Bling

Our Second “Inspire Me” photo comes from Lisa in Texas.

Who doesn’t like to sparkle and shine?! I love Lisa’s combination of bangles, especially the braided one!

Lisa shows off her sparkly bangles and ring

Sparkly shoes

Lisa Says: “I am a little over the top with my “Texas” sparkle and style… 🙂 This was inspired by your “No Stranger to Sparkle”  & “Finishing Touch” posts.”

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You Style The Day – Rhea

The photos have been submitted and before we get started I wanted to mentioned a few things. First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone so far who participated! Second, this will be an on going series so if you didn’t make the deadline, don’t worry. Send your images in at any time and I’ll post them in the “You Style The Day” category. Let’s get started …

Our first “Inspire Me” photo comes from Rhea in Canada. She’s rockin the nautical look with some gold sparkle! Thanks for sharing Rhea, you look fantastic!

Striped top with red jacket and gold, sparkly skirt

Pocket Watch Necklace

Rhea Says:  “The necklace is made from and old pocket watch. It has a bird on the flip side. Very Portlandia. It was purchased from a local artist in Regina, SK in Canada: Three Little Birds Jewellery. I’m inspired by your colour choices, especially the orange – I typically wear all black, white and grey with stripes. Boots are always a must during a Canadian spring. You never know when it will snow!”

If you guys love the necklace as much as I do, be sure to check out: Three Little Birds Jewellery on facebook. They’ve got some really fun stuff! How fantastic is this: Mesh Bow Drool…

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Last chance – “Inspire Me” Photos

“Inspire Me” photos are due tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to step in front of that camera and show us what you’ve got!

Email photos* to: along with a brief description and tell me which look from my blog you were inspired by. (*Be sure to take your photos in a well lit room against a clean background!)

Deadline: May 8th, 2012