You Style The Day-The Many Looks of Goff

Time for our next “You Style The Day“:
Sara Goff Roiko, lead singer of LA indie band The Elizabeth Kill, has got some truly rock ‘n’ roll style. When she takes the stage, she commands attention, not only with her voice, but also with her look. I love the combination of her gold tights and chic white blazer, accessories fit for a rock star and her steampunk vibe. Everyone’s got that inner rocker. Be sure to bring that persona out from time to time and rock your style like Sarah does. Thanks for sharing your look Sarah!
Sarah's Steampunk Vest
Sarah's White blazer and gold tights
Sarah's kick-ass rocker ring

“Happiness is a Warm Gun”

Sarah Says: “I’m a tom boy, always have been. Caring about what I was wearing only came about when I started wanting to get people’s attention on stage.  Suddenly my old jeans weren’t the only item I was into showcasing; gold, spandex and silver scream louder than my denim sometimes. My spandex makes it a lot easier to stretch and move on stage. 

Amber has always been encouraging, not only by cheering me on through the years off stage, but now as our photographer for The Elizabeth Kill. She encourages me to continue to take chances in visual ways.  I love her eye for fashion and it inspires me to bring more of me to the table! Thanx girl! 

 My gun ring is my most favorite accessory right now, this is a piece of my onstage persona that I can bring with me anywere…welcome to the gun show.”

You might be asking yourself: “Self? How can I incorporate these rocker looks into my own wardrobe?”  There are tons of great ideas Sarah is using here. We all can’t wear gold spandex to the office but we could certainly all use a kick-ass white blazer like hers, or some unique accessories. Don’t afraid to be different! Stand out in the crowd! You’ll have much more fun that way.

Feeling inspired to share a look of your own? Anyone can participate in the “You Style The Day” category. Email a photo, brief description and tell me which look from my blog you were inspired by! Click here for more info.

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3 thoughts on “You Style The Day-The Many Looks of Goff

  1. Trish says:

    I LOVE the white jacket . . . . and it looks awesome with the gold pants.

  2. Elaine says:

    Great look!…Love the gold pants…you go Sarah…hope to see you soon!

  3. i HEART that gun ring!

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