This Outfit 3 Ways – Stripe dress & Accessories

I’m starting a new category called “This Outfit 3 Ways”. I’ll take one piece from my closet and show you 3 different, simple ways to change it up!

Over the weekend I was inspired by a striped dress I saw with a yellow belt. I headed into my closet to see what I could find and voila! I had all the right pieces all along and never thought to put them together. Here’s the final outcome along with 2 other fun ways to change-up a striped dress.

Belt Stripes

Yellow belt accessory

Blazer Stripes

Blazer and scarf for work

Layers and Stripes

Layers to keep warm for the weekend.

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4 thoughts on “This Outfit 3 Ways – Stripe dress & Accessories

  1. Trish says:

    Nice! You really know how to change it up! Love the black jacket and tie!

  2. love!! great idea!! turn it into a page so we can see all fut 3 way posts at once 🙂

  3. carrie says:

    Nice to see how much a dress can be completely changed (especially a patterned one)!Sometimes you think plainer is more versatile but you show that’s just not always so.

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