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You Style The Day – Kristen’s Pop of Pink

Kristen (Blogger at and ) is showing us how a pop of pink mixed with a neutral can make a statement … in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing your look with us Kristen!
Kristen Says: I have been really inspired by your blog to look at my closet differently. Mixing classic pieces with patterns and sparkly, blingy things. Today’s look is inspired by Style the Day, although a little Fashion Playtes style with top coming from one post-nudes, and the bottom-brights and color block.
I usually think about what I am going to wear in the shower every morning. Most of what I wear is a silent expression of what I am thinking at the moment or who I am. I wore this nude top as a commentary about that poor girl who got suspended this week from school because she wore leggings the same color as her skin. I was thinking while washing my hair how stupid that was. Hence the top.
The bottom and shoes were about mixing hues that don’t seem like they go together, like hots and cools, and I was inspired by the color blocking posts. I would usually pair this top with my standby black or a pair of jeans. Thank you for giving me a new perspective.
Other looks sent in from “Style The Day” readers:
Stripe top with red jacket and gold, sparkly skirtLisa shows off her sparkly bangles and ringPrinted sweater and dress

Get Pretty In Punk

I decided to go a little bit punk rock / a little bit tom boy on you this week. Pair a look like this with heels and you take it from casual to sexy punk rocker in seconds.

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Beauty & Style Radiates from the Inside Out

Because I believe that being good to your insides will help you shine on the outside, I decided to ask Jamee Tuttle (Wellness Coach) to write a blog post on beauty from the inside. If you like what she has to say and want to learn more, visit her online at: or follow her blog:  She’s got all kinds of ways to help YOU be a better YOU … inside and out!

Jamee Tuttle of Thriving Life Now

Have you seen those women (and men, too!) who walk down the street, around the office or wherever you may see people and they just seem to radiate with beauty, handsomeness and confidence?

They seem to mostly be in a decent mood, and are comfortable with themselves. And, even if you don’t like their personal “style”, or a particular outfit they are wearing, they seem stylish and always pulled together, too!

And on top of all of this you notice the best part: when they open their mouths to speak, communicate and interact with others, their outer beauty matches their inner beauty because they are coming from a place of SELF-LOVE.

They treat others with kindness and respect. They are free of jealousy, free of gossip and free of that constant comparison thing that happens to so many of us, myself included.

They are radiating their inner beauty. They may not even be “traditionally beautiful” (whatever that is?!!) or super-model attractive but they have got IT.

What IS that?

That is self-love. When you truly love yourself and feel and know you are a worthy human being, you vibrate energetically at a higher level in life. You interact with others differently, you speak differently and you dress accordingly. You are comfortable in your own skin and with your body – no matter what size – and you don’t fear self-expression nor do you worry about the opinions of others.

That is a beautiful place to be in one’s life, and that beauty radiates from inside you, out into the world.

When this happens, you are YOU and can express yourself in many ways, whether it be with fashion, art, music, sports, yoga, writing…however you like to express…it just pours out.

And that is stylish. That is inner beauty shining out for the world to see. In my way of thinking and expressing, that is thriving.

Take note of these people,  friends, co-workers and even strangers. Learn from them. Their radiation of light and self-love gives us permission to do the same.

Jamee Tuttle
Founder of Thriving Life Now!
Photo credit: Amber Rishavy at Pixel Dust Photography

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