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Beauty Is …

I recently came across this quote and felt like it fit the motto of this blog so I decided to share:

Quote From Emma Stone


Flats in LA: A Girls Best Friend

Today I decided to do a post on flats.  I use to cringe at the thought of wearing them, but living in LA, I’ve learned to love ’em.  I think we can all agree that a great pair of heels makes your legs look great, but not if you’re hobbling around in them. I reserve my heels for any occasion where my husband and I are driving in the car. We walk A LOT and there are tons of hills and bumpy sidewalks to tackle so flats in LA are a girls best friend. Thing is, while walking about you still want to look good. Luckily, there are a plethora of fancy-shmancy flats to choose from.

I realize that for the rest of the country, you’re trading in your flats and sandals for boots, but here in LA we still have a few good weeks of sandal wearing weather. (Yes, there actually is a time when it DOES feel too chilly to wear flats and sandals all year round) Maybe these will inspire you to find some great flats for next spring. Enjoy!



I’m not exactly a “go get your nails done” type of girl. Why? Because as soon as the polish is on, I seem to screw it up. I just can’t seem to sit still long enough to let those suckers dry! With that said, I did recently take a trip to the nail salon with a friend and I decided that if someone else was going to do my nails, I was going to go for something fun. Surprisingly, I seemed to keep my nails looking good all week! No smudges or screw ups … yet.


I’ve also come across some DIY sites that show you how to create Ombré nails. I’ll definitely be trying this out! Whether it’s a gradient down the nail or across all 5, I love this! Here’s how you can do it at home:

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Samira 13 Fine Jewelry Photo Shoot

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with designer/sculptor Samira Sizdahkhani of Samira 13 Fine Jewelry. Located in the heart of the Sunset strip in Los Angeles, California, Samira’s pieces are beyond cool. Soft and sweet meets rock and roll. Sophisticated bad girl. No wonder Madonna, Kelly Osbourne, Lea Michele and other celebs are rocking her pieces! I instantly fell in love with her work, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

To learn more about Samira 13 OR if ya wanna grab a few of her pieces for yourself, visit:

Big shout out goes to Sarah Goff Roiko of The Elizabeth Kill. Thanks for lending me your beautiful self for the photo shoot!

Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

Designer – Samira 13
Tahitian pearl waterfall necklace on brown leather.

Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

Designer – Samira 13
Fresh water pearl stretch bracelets with sterling silver fringe (or sterling silver spikes).

Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

Designer – Samira 13
Long fresh water pearl fringe necklace.

Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

Designer – Samira 13
Tahitian pearl stackable rings.

Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

Designer: Radá
Available at Samira 13 Fine Jewelry.

All photos Copyright © 2012 Amber Ward

Jewelry : Samira 13 Fine Jewelry

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Amanda And Lindsay vs. Laverne And Shirley?

Amanda and Lindsay” – Two starlets making their dreams come true … doing it their way.

My friend (and Lindsay look-alike) Jennipher Foster just finished up this hilarious project. It’s short, it’s funny and it deserves your attention for the next 87 seconds! Watch it, share it and vote for it on Funny or Die! The more views the better. Thank you!!

Amanda and Lindsey - Video by Jennipher FosterClick the image above to view the video


Pearls + Zippers + Camo

The other day I rolled out of bed and said “I need camouflage pants!” Paired with pearls and zippers, this lovely lady-like look blends hard and soft styles together, setting it apart from the rest.

Camouflage, Pearls and Zippers

Samira 13 Jewelry

Jewelry from Samira 13 Fine Jewelry (Los Angeles, CA)

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