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Style The Bump

2014 is definitely going to be a new year for the Cleek/Wards! In February, we’ll be welcoming a new addition to the family. We’re 23 (going on 24) weeks pregnant and couldn’t be more excited for our new adventure!

When these first couple of photos were taken I was at that “awkward” stage. I hate to use that word but for me, I was trying to figure out this new bod! It’s not that I wanted to hide my bump, it’s just that I didn’t have that big, beautiful belly to show off yet. It’s also a time where (if you’re pregnant) some of you may not have shared your news with the world yet. Here are a few great ways that helped me conceal the little seed growing inside.

Now I realize this didn’t start out as a pregnancy blog and most of my readers probably aren’t pregnant. Be assured that I’m still going to be blogging about style and fun ways to put things together, I just won’t be flying solo in the photos for the next few months!

Stretchy skirt and loose top

I had a last-minute event to go to and no evening outfits that fit right!
This stretchy skirt and loose, graphic tank were exactly what I needed.
(17 weeks)

Stretchy Skirt

(17 weeks)

Empire waist dress with stretchy band

Stretchy waist band, an obvious and super comfortable must!
Opt for a dress with an empire waist.
(17 weeks)

This is a life saver! By using The Belly Belt you can still fit into your regular jeans!

The Belly BeltThe Belly BeltThe Belly Belt

Step One: Button the one side of The Belly Belt to your pants …
Step Two: Choose from a number of buttons to attach the belt …
Step Three: Throw your shirt over your zipper and voila! No maternity clothes necessary!
(A longer shirt works best because you probably won’t be able to zip your pants all the way up.)

Baby Bump and Sweater Dress

When the time comes, don’t be afraid to show off that beautiful bump! You’ve got a human growing inside there and that’s pretty amazing! Throw on a sweater dress with some boots and you’ll be an instant (not to mention comfy) hot mama!
(23 weeks)

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Keep Up Those Votes!

RAWardsThe RAWards is one of the biggest indie art shows in the world. 15,000 artists participate, and I decided to be one of them which means I NEED YOUR VOTE!

Three easy steps:

  1. Click VOTE NOW
  2. Login or register on the RAW site (next to “nominate me” on my profile page)
  3. Place your vote today and every day through October 9th

** It’s a bit of a pain in the butt, BUT, you must be registered to vote. This helps keep things fair!

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I Need Your Vote!

RAWards Banner

The RAWards are one of the biggest indie art shows in the world. 15,000 artist participate and I decided to be one of them which means I NEED YOUR VOTE! It’s simple, just click VOTE NOW and place your vote for me today through October 8th! You can vote once a day per day, per category. Please forward this info on to a friend. Every vote counts!

If you’d like to check out my work before you vote please visit: or watch my RAW artist interview.

Thanks in advance!

**Please note that the site is loading slow today. Probably lots of people on there. Be patient while the page loads!

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