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RAW Hollywood Photographer of the Year

RAW City Finalists Announced

It’s official! I can now call myself RAW Hollywood Photographer of the Year. Quick shout out to anyone who voted and got me into the top 5 . Semi-finalists were judged, narrowed down to 3 and winners were awarded on November 21st at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood. It was a fun night full of fashion, art and music!

RAW Event

Photo Credit: Gil Riego Photography

What does a gal with a bump wear to such an event? “Comfortable” was on the tip of my tongue. No heels, no confining fabrics… I was in for a long night and I needed to feel as good as possible. I went with a high wasted, simple, clean dress that had a bit of embellishment around the collar, threw on a pair of boots and headed to the show!

Amber Accepting RAWard

Accepting the RAWard for Hollywood Photographer of the Year
Photo Credit: Gil Riego Photography

What’s next? Nationals! All city finalists go on to compete with each other across the nation. View the lineup of talent from across the country here. A national and final winner will be announced in each category on December 16th but I’m just excited to be representing Hollywood along with all these other fantastic artists!

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Tea + Fashion = A Discount For You!

I recently had the pleasure of having afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills with some friends and made a new one in the process. Bri Seeley is the owner and designer of Bri Seeley Design. Her pieces are clean, simple and classic with a twist. She recently debuted her latest line “The Silence Collection” in Hollywood and would like to give YOU a discount on your next purchase!  The collection is currently available for pre-order on the crowdfunding website I posted a couple of my faves below, but don’t take my word for it, be sure to visit the site and find your own! Check out the Belle Blouse in green, LOVE!

Receive $25 off your order with the coupon code PHX2013:
(Campaign ends on 11/25/2013 and all of the pieces ship in February, 2014)

About The Silence Collection: The Silence Collection was developed around the idea that the Bri Seeley woman does not require words to make a statement – her femininity radiates from every move she makes. The collection maintains our signature classic, wearable femininity. Each design is named after a silent film actress.

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Style The Bump

2014 is definitely going to be a new year for the Cleek/Wards! In February, we’ll be welcoming a new addition to the family. We’re 23 (going on 24) weeks pregnant and couldn’t be more excited for our new adventure!

When these first couple of photos were taken I was at that “awkward” stage. I hate to use that word but for me, I was trying to figure out this new bod! It’s not that I wanted to hide my bump, it’s just that I didn’t have that big, beautiful belly to show off yet. It’s also a time where (if you’re pregnant) some of you may not have shared your news with the world yet. Here are a few great ways that helped me conceal the little seed growing inside.

Now I realize this didn’t start out as a pregnancy blog and most of my readers probably aren’t pregnant. Be assured that I’m still going to be blogging about style and fun ways to put things together, I just won’t be flying solo in the photos for the next few months!

Stretchy skirt and loose top

I had a last-minute event to go to and no evening outfits that fit right!
This stretchy skirt and loose, graphic tank were exactly what I needed.
(17 weeks)

Stretchy Skirt

(17 weeks)

Empire waist dress with stretchy band

Stretchy waist band, an obvious and super comfortable must!
Opt for a dress with an empire waist.
(17 weeks)

This is a life saver! By using The Belly Belt you can still fit into your regular jeans!

The Belly BeltThe Belly BeltThe Belly Belt

Step One: Button the one side of The Belly Belt to your pants …
Step Two: Choose from a number of buttons to attach the belt …
Step Three: Throw your shirt over your zipper and voila! No maternity clothes necessary!
(A longer shirt works best because you probably won’t be able to zip your pants all the way up.)

Baby Bump and Sweater Dress

When the time comes, don’t be afraid to show off that beautiful bump! You’ve got a human growing inside there and that’s pretty amazing! Throw on a sweater dress with some boots and you’ll be an instant (not to mention comfy) hot mama!
(23 weeks)

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The Venue, The Cake, and of course … The Dress.

It’s our anniversary month! I’m still in love with my husband as much today as I was on the day that I married him! Know what else I’m still in love with? My wedding day! The Dress, the venue, the food… wouldn’t have changed a thing! Thought this would be a good day to share. Enjoy.

Wedding Venue

My mother-in-laws beautiful/flawless backyard in New Hampshire. 


The Cake

Simple, sweet and sooooo delicious. In fact, we STILL have a piece in the freezer! It’s traveled from New Hampshire, to Minneapolis to LA, and no, we will not be eating it 🙂

THE HAIR Did this myself! I still can't believe I trusted myself to do this on the day. I must be nuts because if I would have messed it up, brushes would have been flying!

Did this myself! I still can’t believe I trusted myself to do this on the day. I must be nuts because if I would have messed it up, brushes would have been flying!


It’s not your typical wedding dress (it actually wasn’t a wedding dress at all), but hey, I’m not your typical type of gal!


Pop of crinoline = a party!


The perfect guy and my best friend (with just the right amount of goofy).

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Screw the LBD

Okay, okay… so everyone COULD use a Little Black Dress in their closet from time to time, but wouldn’t it be much more fun to step out in one of these little numbers?! Patterns, geometric shapes, cutouts and fun colors seems to be gracing the pages of magazines like crazy these days, and not just in clothing, jewelry too!  Paying attention to the details can help set your look out from the rest. So next time you’ve got a hot date or a fun night out on the town, step out in something bold and leave your little black dress at home (it could use a break).

Dress By - BCBG

Dress By – BCBG

Dress By - BCBG

Dress By – BCBG

Dress By - BCBG

Dress By – BCBG

Dress By - BCBG

Dress By – BCBG

Dress By - Rebecca Minkoff

Dress By – Rebecca Minkoff

Dress By - Rebecca Minkoff

Dress By – Rebecca Minkoff

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Salwar Kameez2 and a half years ago I had the pleasure of attending a good friends Indian wedding celebration. That meant I got to go shopping for an amazing, sparkly Indian dress or Salwar Kameez. I found this … and did back flips. For someone who loves sparkle AND color … I was in heaven 🙂

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This Red Skirt

I’m pretty sure when I bought this skirt it sat quietly in the closet. I loved it, but I wasn’t sure what to pair red with! Now I see that it’s pretty versatile. Browns, blues, sparkle or stripes … Which is your favorite?

Red Skirt and Blue Top

Red skirt, navy sequin top and patterned sweater.

Red skirt with purple, ruffled tank and brown belt.

Red skirt with brown stripes

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Get Your Sparkle On

It’s always fun to infuse your wardrobe with a little sparkle this time of year.  Hopefully one of these ideas will help you pull together something special for your 2013 New Year’s party. Whether it’s a sequin scarf, shimmering belt or full on sparkly skirt, be sure to get your sparkle on!

Sparkle Top With Collared Shirt And Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Wrap yourself up with a floppy bow

Gold Sparkly Scarf And Frog Ring

A thin, light scarf acts as a nice accessory

Copper Sequin Shoes

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”
I feel like Dorothy when I wear these heels!

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Flats in LA: A Girls Best Friend

Today I decided to do a post on flats.  I use to cringe at the thought of wearing them, but living in LA, I’ve learned to love ’em.  I think we can all agree that a great pair of heels makes your legs look great, but not if you’re hobbling around in them. I reserve my heels for any occasion where my husband and I are driving in the car. We walk A LOT and there are tons of hills and bumpy sidewalks to tackle so flats in LA are a girls best friend. Thing is, while walking about you still want to look good. Luckily, there are a plethora of fancy-shmancy flats to choose from.

I realize that for the rest of the country, you’re trading in your flats and sandals for boots, but here in LA we still have a few good weeks of sandal wearing weather. (Yes, there actually is a time when it DOES feel too chilly to wear flats and sandals all year round) Maybe these will inspire you to find some great flats for next spring. Enjoy!


From Day to Night

Red sun dress with striped blazer

Take a simple sun dress and throw a blazer over it for day.

Red Dress With Sequin Belt

Switch your belt, ditch the blazer and show some skin for night!

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