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Beauty Is …

I recently came across this quote and felt like it fit the motto of this blog so I decided to share:

Quote From Emma Stone



I’m not exactly a “go get your nails done” type of girl. Why? Because as soon as the polish is on, I seem to screw it up. I just can’t seem to sit still long enough to let those suckers dry! With that said, I did recently take a trip to the nail salon with a friend and I decided that if someone else was going to do my nails, I was going to go for something fun. Surprisingly, I seemed to keep my nails looking good all week! No smudges or screw ups … yet.


I’ve also come across some DIY sites that show you how to create Ombré nails. I’ll definitely be trying this out! Whether it’s a gradient down the nail or across all 5, I love this! Here’s how you can do it at home:

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Amanda And Lindsay vs. Laverne And Shirley?

Amanda and Lindsay” – Two starlets making their dreams come true … doing it their way.

My friend (and Lindsay look-alike) Jennipher Foster just finished up this hilarious project. It’s short, it’s funny and it deserves your attention for the next 87 seconds! Watch it, share it and vote for it on Funny or Die! The more views the better. Thank you!!

Amanda and Lindsey - Video by Jennipher FosterClick the image above to view the video


Pearls + Zippers + Camo

The other day I rolled out of bed and said “I need camouflage pants!” Paired with pearls and zippers, this lovely lady-like look blends hard and soft styles together, setting it apart from the rest.

Camouflage, Pearls and Zippers

Samira 13 Jewelry

Jewelry from Samira 13 Fine Jewelry (Los Angeles, CA)

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Get Pretty In Punk

I decided to go a little bit punk rock / a little bit tom boy on you this week. Pair a look like this with heels and you take it from casual to sexy punk rocker in seconds.

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Window Shopping

While strolling down Melrose Ave. this past weekend I wandered past a store front with the cutest ensemble. Had to snap a photo and share. I could probably do without the cross necklace, but the shirt and shorts are adorable! What do you think?

Store Front - Shorts that sparkle


Ascot Scarf As Wrist Wear

Ascot Scarf As Wrist Wear

There are tons of fun ways to tie, wrap and wear an ascot. I always find them slightly uncomfortable to wear around the neck so I wrap mine around my wrist!

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Canada day / July 4th Mashup

I’ve got my red and white on today along with some stripes for July 4th. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps!!

Canada Day 2012


Beautiful Brights

Neon Rose Pants

It’s true, the 80’s are back, and even though it’s enough to make me cringe, I’ve figured out a way to incorporate all those crazy colors into my own look, and I love it!

Blue nail polish

Like all the bold colors being rocked on the runways but aren’t sure you can pull off neon head to toe? Splash a bright hue across your nails…

Neon Pink Belt

… or add a fun colored belt to your outfit! It’s a great way to bring out your inner rocker!

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Scarves, the perfect accessory

Pink, blue and grey scarf

Doesn't matter if it's warm or cold out, I love to accessorize with scarves!
Throw one on with a dress to keep warm during a summer night, or add it to a jacket for a pop of color.