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This Red Skirt

I’m pretty sure when I bought this skirt it sat quietly in the closet. I loved it, but I wasn’t sure what to pair red with! Now I see that it’s pretty versatile. Browns, blues, sparkle or stripes … Which is your favorite?

Red Skirt and Blue Top

Red skirt, navy sequin top and patterned sweater.

Red skirt with purple, ruffled tank and brown belt.

Red skirt with brown stripes

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This Outfit 3 Ways – Collared White Shirt

Everyone’s got a simple white¬†collared shirt in their closet, so go dig it out, and try these 3 simple ways to change it up!

Collared white shirt and chain necklace

Untucked: Cool and Casual

Collared white shirt, cardigan and sweater

Tucked In: Ready for Work

Collared white shirt and tie

With a Blazer: Sophisticated and Fun

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This Outfit 3 Ways – Stripe dress & Accessories

I’m starting a new category called “This Outfit 3 Ways”. I’ll take one piece from my closet and show you 3 different, simple ways to change it up!

Over the weekend I was inspired by a striped dress I saw with a yellow belt. I headed into my closet to see what I could find and voila! I had all the right pieces all along and never thought to put them together. Here’s the final outcome along with 2 other fun ways to change-up a striped dress.

Belt Stripes

Yellow belt accessory

Blazer Stripes

Blazer and scarf for work

Layers and Stripes

Layers to keep warm for the weekend.

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