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Pearls + Zippers + Camo

The other day I rolled out of bed and said “I need camouflage pants!” Paired with pearls and zippers, this lovely lady-like look blends hard and soft styles together, setting it apart from the rest.

Camouflage, Pearls and Zippers

Samira 13 Jewelry

Jewelry from Samira 13 Fine Jewelry (Los Angeles, CA)

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Get Pretty In Punk

I decided to go a little bit punk rock / a little bit tom boy on you this week. Pair a look like this with heels and you take it from casual to sexy punk rocker in seconds.

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Canada day / July 4th Mashup

I’ve got my red and white on today along with some stripes for July 4th. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps!!

Canada Day 2012


Color Invasion

If you haven’t noticed, my wardrobe has been invaded by persimmons (1, 2, 3, 4) this spring. Not only does this bright concoction make me feel alive when I wear it, but it also caught the eye of a photog over the weekend shooting “street style” for an online Japanese magazine (If I make it into the magazine I’ll let ya know). Infuse your wardrobe with a little color this summer. I guarantee it will help brighten your day.

Persimmons Head To Toe

Persimmons Head To Toe - Shoes

Persimmons Head To Toe - Belt

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Something about this outfit just says Southern California to me. Maybe it’s the hat, maybe it’s the colors, either way, it’s a super comfy way to wear this skirt. I’m not one to always wear tight clothes BUT paired with this light, simple top the outfit becomes much more about casual than sexy.

I was wearing this same sweater in Friday’s post but I layered it over a collared shirt. I love how versatile it is! Both looks are pretty casual, but in very different ways. Try mixing and matching items in your own closet. Sometimes the most unexpected items create the looks you would have never thought of!

Casual top and skirt

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Boyfriend jeans, collared shirt and sweater

Believe it or not, it does get chilly in Los Angeles …
Try layering a light sweater over a collared shirt for those crisp nights.

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Nudes, Blues & Browns

Try mixing slouchy with sexy. I was just about to toss these cargo pants before I figured out they look great with some heels!

Stripe skirt & lace top

Mixing patterns. Lace and stripes.

Blue shoes & stripe skirt

Brown & blue. Always a beautiful color combination.

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Style The Day On Location

This past weekend my husband and I took a much-needed vacation away from the glare of our computer screens. We visited Casa Laguna on the California coast and let me tell you, this place has style. Highly recommended if you live in the area (or not) and need a quick but amazing getaway. Here are a few photos of our trip along with some beachy fashion ideas:

Welcome to Casa Laguna

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Beautiful Brights

Neon Rose Pants

It’s true, the 80’s are back, and even though it’s enough to make me cringe, I’ve figured out a way to incorporate all those crazy colors into my own look, and I love it!

Blue nail polish

Like all the bold colors being rocked on the runways but aren’t sure you can pull off neon head to toe? Splash a bright hue across your nails…

Neon Pink Belt

… or add a fun colored belt to your outfit! It’s a great way to bring out your inner rocker!

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Scarves, the perfect accessory

Pink, blue and grey scarf

Doesn't matter if it's warm or cold out, I love to accessorize with scarves!
Throw one on with a dress to keep warm during a summer night, or add it to a jacket for a pop of color.