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Color Invasion

If you haven’t noticed, my wardrobe has been invaded by persimmons (1, 2, 3, 4) this spring. Not only does this bright concoction make me feel alive when I wear it, but it also caught the eye of a photog over the weekend shooting “street style” for an online Japanese magazine (If I make it into the magazine I’ll let ya know). Infuse your wardrobe with a little color this summer. I guarantee it will help brighten your day.

Persimmons Head To Toe

Persimmons Head To Toe - Shoes

Persimmons Head To Toe - Belt

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Beautiful Brights

Neon Rose Pants

It’s true, the 80’s are back, and even though it’s enough to make me cringe, I’ve figured out a way to incorporate all those crazy colors into my own look, and I love it!

Blue nail polish

Like all the bold colors being rocked on the runways but aren’t sure you can pull off neon head to toe? Splash a bright hue across your nails…

Neon Pink Belt

… or add a fun colored belt to your outfit! It’s a great way to bring out your inner rocker!

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