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You Style The Day – Lisa’s Texas Bling

Our Second “Inspire Me” photo comes from Lisa in Texas.

Who doesn’t like to sparkle and shine?! I love Lisa’s combination of bangles, especially the braided one!

Lisa shows off her sparkly bangles and ring

Sparkly shoes

Lisa Says: “I am a little over the top with my “Texas” sparkle and style… 🙂 This was inspired by your “No Stranger to Sparkle”  & “Finishing Touch” posts.”

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You Style The Day – Rhea

The photos have been submitted and before we get started I wanted to mentioned a few things. First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone so far who participated! Second, this will be an on going series so if you didn’t make the deadline, don’t worry. Send your images in at any time and I’ll post them in the “You Style The Day” category. Let’s get started …

Our first “Inspire Me” photo comes from Rhea in Canada. She’s rockin the nautical look with some gold sparkle! Thanks for sharing Rhea, you look fantastic!

Striped top with red jacket and gold, sparkly skirt

Pocket Watch Necklace

Rhea Says:  “The necklace is made from and old pocket watch. It has a bird on the flip side. Very Portlandia. It was purchased from a local artist in Regina, SK in Canada: Three Little Birds Jewellery. I’m inspired by your colour choices, especially the orange – I typically wear all black, white and grey with stripes. Boots are always a must during a Canadian spring. You never know when it will snow!”

If you guys love the necklace as much as I do, be sure to check out: Three Little Birds Jewellery on facebook. They’ve got some really fun stuff! How fantastic is this: Mesh Bow Drool…

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No stranger to sparkle…

Red sweater and sparkle skirt

I love how this skirt can be dressed down for the office.
Soften an elaborate skirt with simple items like a crisp white shirt and cardigan.


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Crisp white and stripes

White Blazer and striped tank with colored jeans

Crisp white, stripes and colored skinny jeans. A great way to start the week!

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Sparkles and Stripes

Striped jacket with sequined navy top

I love this jacket and I love it even more paired with something sparkly. Great with a pair of skinny jeans and boots or change into heels to bring this outfit from day to night!

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Day Two

Striped sequin tank with red sweater

Who isn't in LOVE with the nautical look?! Pair stripes with red and you're good to go!

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Day One

Red skirt, navy sequin top and patterned sweater.

Pair a bright color with some sparkle and pattern.

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