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Beach Bum

Who says ya can’t wear sparkles to the beach!

When heading to the beach, we still want to look cute and stylish … all this while maintaining a sense of comfort. This red and white sparkly anchor tank, sweater and boyfriend jeans are the perfect combo for hanging out.  Top the look off with some fun spikey sandals and you’re ready to rock the beach!

Red and White Stripe Anchor Tank

Sandals with Spikes

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This Red Skirt

I’m pretty sure when I bought this skirt it sat quietly in the closet. I loved it, but I wasn’t sure what to pair red with! Now I see that it’s pretty versatile. Browns, blues, sparkle or stripes … Which is your favorite?

Red Skirt and Blue Top

Red skirt, navy sequin top and patterned sweater.

Red skirt with purple, ruffled tank and brown belt.

Red skirt with brown stripes

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A Modern Twist On Nautical

Try mixing and matching patterns in your closet, you might be surprised what you come up with! I love the look of this paisley halter with striped jacket. Paired with an armful of bangles, nautical feels like it’s been turned upside down and given a new fresh look.

Stripe Jacket With Pattern Shirt

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You Style The Day – Bubble Gum Babe

Move along little black dress … step aside khakis … this post is reserved for COLOR ONLY!  I gotta admit, I am a little color crazy lately and apparently Trish is too! This is neon-tastic. I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

Trish, pretty in pink

Trish Says: This outfit is just so FUN . . . I love the bright pink skirt with the pastel colours of the tee. The belt? It was a ribbon wrapped around a gift from my husband. It was too pretty to throw away, so now it’s a belt!!

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This Outfit 3 Ways – Stripe dress & Accessories

I’m starting a new category called “This Outfit 3 Ways”. I’ll take one piece from my closet and show you 3 different, simple ways to change it up!

Over the weekend I was inspired by a striped dress I saw with a yellow belt. I headed into my closet to see what I could find and voila! I had all the right pieces all along and never thought to put them together. Here’s the final outcome along with 2 other fun ways to change-up a striped dress.

Belt Stripes

Yellow belt accessory

Blazer Stripes

Blazer and scarf for work

Layers and Stripes

Layers to keep warm for the weekend.

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Canada day / July 4th Mashup

I’ve got my red and white on today along with some stripes for July 4th. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps!!

Canada Day 2012


From Day to Night

Red sun dress with striped blazer

Take a simple sun dress and throw a blazer over it for day.

Red Dress With Sequin Belt

Switch your belt, ditch the blazer and show some skin for night!

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Something about this outfit just says Southern California to me. Maybe it’s the hat, maybe it’s the colors, either way, it’s a super comfy way to wear this skirt. I’m not one to always wear tight clothes BUT paired with this light, simple top the outfit becomes much more about casual than sexy.

I was wearing this same sweater in Friday’s post but I layered it over a collared shirt. I love how versatile it is! Both looks are pretty casual, but in very different ways. Try mixing and matching items in your own closet. Sometimes the most unexpected items create the looks you would have never thought of!

Casual top and skirt

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Nudes, Blues & Browns

Try mixing slouchy with sexy. I was just about to toss these cargo pants before I figured out they look great with some heels!

Stripe skirt & lace top

Mixing patterns. Lace and stripes.

Blue shoes & stripe skirt

Brown & blue. Always a beautiful color combination.

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You Style The Day – Rhea

The photos have been submitted and before we get started I wanted to mentioned a few things. First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone so far who participated! Second, this will be an on going series so if you didn’t make the deadline, don’t worry. Send your images in at any time and I’ll post them in the “You Style The Day” category. Let’s get started …

Our first “Inspire Me” photo comes from Rhea in Canada. She’s rockin the nautical look with some gold sparkle! Thanks for sharing Rhea, you look fantastic!

Striped top with red jacket and gold, sparkly skirt

Pocket Watch Necklace

Rhea Says:  “The necklace is made from and old pocket watch. It has a bird on the flip side. Very Portlandia. It was purchased from a local artist in Regina, SK in Canada: Three Little Birds Jewellery. I’m inspired by your colour choices, especially the orange – I typically wear all black, white and grey with stripes. Boots are always a must during a Canadian spring. You never know when it will snow!”

If you guys love the necklace as much as I do, be sure to check out: Three Little Birds Jewellery on facebook. They’ve got some really fun stuff! How fantastic is this: Mesh Bow Drool…

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